Utilities Activation Request Form

This form can only be submitted electronically. Please allow two (2) full business days for the form to be returned to you. If there are any problems with your form, it will be returned to you for corrections. Please note the Buyer does not have permission to activate any utilities until your authorized request form is sent back to you, stating which utilities the Buyer has permission to activate.

Property Information

Buyer's Information

Buyer's Agent Information

Activation Period and Preparation of the Property for Utilities Test

It is the responsibility of the Buyer’s Agent to have the property prepared (i.e. De-Winterized) for utility activation, including the coordination of activities with the utility providers and your inspectors/appraisers. Once Turn ON/OFF dates have been determined, please provide them in the area below. Do not have any utilities activated or services completed until you receive permission to perform these tasks. Utilities may be activated for a maximum of 72 hours excluding weekends and all federal holidays. All fees associated with activating any utility, including but not limited to, inspections, permits, deposits, service fees, and/or applications fees required by a utility provider are the responsibility of the buyer. JGM Property Group does not coordinate any dates or facilitate any payments to any provider.

Must be at least 3 business days from the form submission.
Cannot be more than 4 business days after turn on date.
Must be the same date as turnoff date.


The Buyer and the Buyer’s Agent must acknowledge the following statements and agree unconditionally that; (1) The undersigned shall forever hold harmless the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and JGM Property Group, Inc. from any and all liability, damages and/or claims from the like, rather directly or indirectly, which may arise from the use of this form and/or the activation, connection and/or de- activation of any utility regardless of its origin or nature, (2) Utilities are defined as Water, Gas, Electric, and/or any other service, material, item or product required to operate and/or test any system and/or item on the above identified property, (3) The undersigned will assume full financial responsibility for any/all damages which may occur as a result of any actions and agrees to pay for the remediation and/or correction of any and all damages caused during the time the utilities are activated or de-activated, (4) The purchaser is responsible for any and all costs associated with the turning on, turning off and the re-winterization of this property, (5) It is the responsibility of the undersigned to ensure that the electric remains on in properties which have sump pumps when all testing is completed and they will be held liable for any/ all damages that may arise from electric not being maintained as a result of this utility activation request & (6) All utilities are to be turned on in the name of the purchaser and at the purchaser’s expense.


By typing your name on the signature line, you acknowledge that you are submitting this as an electronic signature. Your signature states that you accept the terms of the agreement listed above.

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