JGM Property Group manages residential inspections, property preservation, and REO services for National Mortgage Field Servicing Companies, as well as Lending and Mortgage Institutions.  JGM’s network of inspectors and contractors are Aspen Grove Solutions background check approved and use mobile technology to perform and submit work orders, real-time, from the field.

Inspection Types

Property & Occupancy Inspections

Property & Occupancy Inspections require making visual observations on occupancy and condition of properties.  Inspectors can approach if necessary and attempt contact.  Confirmation of who is residing at the property is sometimes required.

Contact Inspections

Contact inspections require a combination of a visual observation of the occupancy and condtion of a property along with a contact attempt.  The inspector is expected to determine who resides at the property.  Contact with neighbors is sometimes necessary.

Doorcard & Letter Delivery Inspections

Doorcard & Letter Delivery Inspections require an inspector to leave a document, normally in a door hanger envelope, either with the mortgagor or on their door.  Visual observations of occupancy and condition are recorded.

Bankruptcy & No Contact Inspections

Bankruptcy & No Contact Inspections typically require the inspector to perform the inspection from the street or right-of-way.  Contact is not permissable and occupancy & condition are recorded visually.

Vacant Property & Interior Inspections

Vacant Properties incur damages & vandalism over time and are susceptible to violations.  Recurring inspections on the interior and exterior of vacant properties allows the mortgage company to preserve and protect their asset, while mitigating risk.  All damages are recorded at the time of inspection.

FEMA/Disaster Inspections

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) / Disaster Inspections are generally exterior inspections that are intended to determine the occupancy and condition of a property in a specific disaster zone.  Neighborhood damage level and property habitability are assessed during time of inspection.

Insurance Loss Inspections

Insurance Loss Inspections are performed to assist banks and insurance companies with determining the insured loss/repairs completed of a property.  The progress of repairs are recorded, along with an interview on the home owner’s satisfaction of repairs completed.

REO Inspections

REO Inspections are intended to determine the overall condition and marketability of a property.  The overall interior and exterior condition of the property are recorded at time of inspection, to include a report that requests specific information regarding maintenance level of care at the property.

Sale Date Inspections

Sale Date Inspections are perfomred on properties that may have a specific date for an eviction or abandonment.  Sale Date Inspections are typically required to be performed on a specific date or date range.  Occupancy and condition are recorded at time of inspection.

Property Condition Report

Property Condition Reports (PCR) are utilized to assess the condition and sometimes valuation of a property.  Federal guidelines are used within a PCR to determine its conveyance condition.

Preservation & REO Types

Initial Securing
Initial Securing of a property is performed based on investor guidelines and requirements. Generally, securing services include lock changes to entry doors, ensuring windows are secured, and also performing a winterization. When applicable, yard maintenance, snow removal, and a property condition report may also need to be completed.
Debris Removal
Debris Removal is performed within a set of investor guidelines to remove all debris and hazardous materials from the interior and/or exterior of a property, to include garages and outbuildings.
Board Ups
Board Ups are required when a property has been damaged or vandalized, leaving it unsecure or is in a neighborhood that requires enhanced boarding.
Lawn Maintenance & Snow Removal
Lawn Maintenance & Snow Removal are typically performed as recurring services to maintain the grounds of a property. Items completed during lawn maintenance may include lawn mowing, trimming & edging, weed removal, removal of all clippings & incidental yard debris. Items completed during snow removal may include removal of snow from driveways, sidewalks, and walkways at a property. The application of salt is commonly required as well.
Janitorial / Maid Services
Janitorial / Maid Services are completed at REO properties on a recurring basis to enhance the condition of the property and bring it to a marketable condition. Services may include placement of air fresheners, toilet cleaning, vacuuming, sweeping and/or mopping floors and wiping down of all hard surfaces.
Repairs and Damages
Repairs and Damages are addressed either through allowable costs or through a bidding process. Bids are calculated through industry-standard cost estimating software. Once a client has approved a bid, the repairs to correct the damages are performed. Damages leading to repairs typically include vandalism, weather damage, water damage, and natural disasters.
Eviction Services
Eviction Services are performed as a last resort to remove persons from a property. Evictions are performed in accordance with local ordinances or at a sheriff’s directive. Typically, services performed on an Eviction work order include debris removal, storage of personals/debris, investor allowables, and bids to get the property into conveyance condition.
Demo Services
Demolition Services are performed when a property and/or its outbuildings are required to be removed due to being inhabitable and/or pronounced condemned by a municipality.
Winterizations / De-Winterizations
Winterizations are performed during specific timeframes throughout the calendar year, depending on the location of the subject property and investor guidelines. Water supply is disconnected at the meter, the system is drained, including the hot water heater, and all water lines are blown out at the property. A pressure test is then performed on the plumbing system to detect breaks in the lines and antifreeze is added to all drains, traps, and toilets to prevent freeze damage.

De-Winterizations are intended to put the plumbing system back in usable condition.

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