JGM La Niña

A Local Presence with a Unique Approach!

JGM-EL La Niña de Ponce is a subsidiary of JGM Property Group. Our strong local presence and personal ties to the island have led us to becoming a leading asset management provider in Puerto Rico. As a registered business in Puerto Rico, we have resources in place, allowing immediate service execution.

Our Philosophy is to Provide Unique & Immediate Service with Quality Results!

JGM-EL La Niña de Ponce utilizes a talented network of inspectors and preservation contractors directly on the ground in Puerto Rico that perform a broad range of services at an unmatched level of quality.  Our physical presence as a registered business in Puerto Rico has allowed us to obtain key strategic partnerships with various banks, lenders, and mortgage services institutions for many years.  Our deep expertise and knowledge in inspection and preservation services in Puerto Rico allow us to utilize key resources to locate properties and stay familiar with locale and terrain.

A Proven History of Providing Action & Solutions During Natural Disasters!

JGM-EL La Niña de Ponce has provided solutions to its clients for many years in Puerto Rico, to include swift and attentive action during natural disasters.  Our ability to provide solutions at high volumes during disastrious events have helped our clients when they needed us most.  Since 2000, our customized and creative approach to performing Disaster (FEMA) Inspections after cataclysmic events have proven to be a reliable asset to our clients.  These efforts prepared us for the largest and most impactful natural disaster in Puerto Rico’s history in 2017.

Beautiful typical traditional vibrant street in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Unique Solutions in a Challenging Market

Our customised approach and strategies have led the way in standards of service in Puerto Rico.


Our technology capabilities are built to be fully integrated with mortgage field industry standards.  All of our contractors utilize mobile technology and real-time reporting of data from the field.  We utilize specific resources to locate properties in Puerto Rico that are complex in nature.


Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement is deeply integrated into our method of design processes and standards.  Our Quality Assurance Lifecyle is designed to identify and correct potential deficiences prior to becoming issues, rather than after the fact.


We embrace the principle of timeliness in all industry sectors and are obliged to provide services within compliance schedules.  Our management procedures and work practices facilitate delivery of services in a rapid manner by receiving results real-time from the field.

Beautiful typical traditional vibrant street in San Juan, Puerto Rico

JGM Relief Efforts Amid Hurricane Maria (2017)

Category 5 Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in September 2017.  It is regarded as the worst natural disaster in history to affect Puerto Rico.  The hurricane came shortly after Category 5 Hurricane Irma struck Puerto Rico in devastating fashion.  It was a matter of survival for JGM’s network of contractors and the residents of Puerto Rico.  JGM took this call to action and quickly started a communications platform using satellite phones to contact its contractors and monitor their statuses.  JGM was able to provide real time and constant updates to clients on the progress of its inspectors and contractors and take on more work orders by the day.

While our network and staff continued to perform services at high levels for our clients, JGM also helped in relief efforts.  The entire island was without power and communications systems.  JGM partnered with a non-profit organization and made arrangements for generators and many other supplies to be packaged and shipped to its network of inspectors, contractors, and residents of the island.  Obtaining and shipping anything to Puerto Rico at the time was near impossible.  Utilization of our strong local presence and abilities to work through a challenging time allowed us to be responsive, resourceful, innovative, and it helped us overcome any and all barriers to get the job done.

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