HUD Property Information and Utilities Activation Requests

Please click below to fill out a HUD Property Utilities Activation Request Form.

HUD - Purchaser Testing Requests

HUD homes are sold “AS IS”. It is STRONGLY advised that the purchaser have a professional home inspection performed on the home to be aware of any and all property conditions prior to closing as NO Property Condition is guaranteed.
  • Once you have an executed sales contract, please submit your application by using the following link-
  • The buyer is not to activate any utilities without the FSM’s approval.
  • There is no fee to make this request.
  • Why can’t we just activate the utilities ourselves and skip this process? This process is a HUD policy. You are required to receive approval from your Field Service Manager (FSM) prior to activating any utilities. Failure to follow this process will result in your contract being cancelled.  All damages/cleanup will also be billed back to the buyer for failure to follow this process.
  • The plumbing lines may have to be de-winterized PRIOR to water service activation. It is the buyer’s responsibility to have the property de-winterized by a professional plumber, AFTER receiving approval to activate the water.
  • Can we leave utilities activated until closing? No, you cannot. You need to have utilities deactivated within 72hrs. This is a HUD policy.
  • We need to schedule our inspection and appraisal at the same time. How do we go about this? You need to speak to your lender and request an estimated date in which your appraiser will be at the property. If they cannot go out during your inspection period, then you will need to deactivate utilities. Once you receive word that your appraiser may be going to the property, you will have to request approval once again and await our response.
  • Do you require original signatures? No, your signature(s) above constitute your lawful signature.
  • How long does it generally take to receive approval for activation? It usually takes 2-3 business days to receive approval.
  • Your agent should have provided you with the PCR (Property Condition Report) which was available when placing a bid. This report does state the condition of the systems. If the plumbing is marked “damaged” your request to turn the water on will be denied.  If the electrical is marked damaged, your request will be denied.  If there is no active heat source during the cold season, your request to turn on the water will be denied due to possible freeze issues.
  • It is the buyer’s responsibility to activate utilities upon receiving our signed approval. All costs associated with the buyer’s request, connection fees, inspections fees, disconnection fees, usage fees, etc. are the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Upon completion of the inspection, all utilities are to be turned off. Please notify the FSM once your inspection is complete.
  • The buyer is not authorized to make repairs on HUD owned properties. All repairs must be made AFTER closing.
All questions and concerns regarding this process can be directed to (this email address is not official yet).  All emails will be responded to within 1 business day.