US Custom House Exterior Masonry Restoration

Battle Creek ANBG Repair and Replace Epoxy Floor

Vandenberg AFB Mid Century Chapel Demolition

Power House Parking Lot Kerr Dam

Kirtland AFB Carpet Replacement

Perry Point VA Medical Center Air Intake Shafts

Wilmington VA Medical Center Rooftop Repairs


Trusted Partner

JGM’s experience with government projects provides us insight into the importance of professionalism, cooperation, and creative problem solving. From management in the office to the workers in the field, our staff exhibits a level of respect and professionalism unique to the construction industry. With an absolute focus on client results, JGM directs every aspect of its work with integrity and operational excellence.

Collaborative Project Management

JGM builds a collaborative team for each project, selecting from a broad base of key staff and subcontractors. Members are chosen both for their expertise and their project fit with JGM’s values. Every project is managed directly by our company.

The JGM Project Management Process

Our unique project management process was developed to successfully complete projects with strict adherence to all regulatory, environmental, and safety guidelines. Throughout each of our process stages, JGM meticulously defines, documents, and manages every detail so that clients can focus on their regular business. Our project management process creates confidence that expectations and contract requirements will be met without compromise or complication.

Focus on Quality

All projects are continually monitored by JGM’s internal quality control team and independent testing laboratories. Our team performs self-inspections throughout the project to ensure all contract requirements are met. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality at each phase guarantees our client a turn-key result on the day of final inspection.

JGM Property Group is a full service construction and project management company that provides high quality services to government agencies with very strict guidelines.

As a general contractor, JGM draws on a diverse and growing portfolio of construction experience. The key to our success is a collaborative approach to each assignment, working with project owners, clients, engineers, architects, and subcontractors toward the common goal of successful project delivery. Using technical skill, preconstruction conceptualization, self-performance capability, and our broad resource base ensures that each project is matched with the appropriate technical expertise. JGM Project Management Team and project delivery process anticipates project challenges and develops solutions that deliver superior quality—transforming your experience.

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